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Main benefits and advantages of the patient-centered medical home By Dr. Jeffrey Zlotnick, Somerville, NJ

Solving the Health Care Crisis

Thank you for visiting Medical Home For All. This website is new place for promoting a better health care in America: The Patient-Centered Primary Care Medical Home (PCPCMD).

PCPCMD is a health care delivery model based on the bond between patients and their personal primary care physician who manage a health care delivery team. This team is geared towards offer a smooth and efficient care along the relationships with their patients.

The benefits using this health care system is that patients are better assisted because they will get proper cares just when it needed. Moreover, this approach is a cost-effective way to lower health care costs.

If you think about this proposal you may realize that the system is a win-win approach. Healthy patients who get proper care at the right time, physicians who are paid accordingly for adequate care and treatments, and employers who save money on employee who don’t want to stay out of office for long hours.

This site tends to be an agora in which you can find guidance, help and information regarding how to implement the aforementioned approach, namely, the patient-centered medical home.

We invite you to surf through these pages to get to know better how we all can benefit from this system.

We have just been awarded Best Health Care Medical Home Website 2015 by Putnam Virtual Hospital. We have been recommending for a year this Putnam's article about John Barban and venus factor program.

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How to treat Back Pain with modern medicines

Understanding The Different Varieties Of Back Pain Today

Back pain can be extremely uncomfortable and make it difficult to perform the most basic of everyday tasks. Considering the fact the nerves and vertebrae in your back are delicate; it is not difficult to accidentally put strain on them. Even though you may believe your pain is due to some sort of strain; you need to be aware that there may be underlying medical grounds for the discomfort. Below we will offer valuable information concerning back pain. There is more to know then simply buying Tramadol online.

In most cases, by visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis, this condition can be adequately controlled with safe Tramadol online dosage. Basically, any irregularity in your spine can cause back pain which may require an MRI requested by your physician to determine its severity. Many people, however, have slight spinal irregularities without suffering from abnormal back pain. 

Anyone that has back pain should not be overly concerned to buy Tramadol online, especially since 80% of the population has this particular symptom and condition regularly. For the most part, back pain is harmless. It is typically manifested by physical movements that are improperly done and not an illness. Any type of exercise that focuses on correcting your posture, such as tai chi or lesser known systems such as the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method are very good for teaching you how to move in more graceful ways that don't put stress on your back. People that already have existing back pain should see a chiropractor regularly, or even get a massage. 

Now you are equipped with the information that will help you to understand some of the origins of back pain and how to address it. As painful as such conditions can be, they're not usually a cause for alarm. In fact, sometimes the most excruciating back pain only lasts a few days, especially if it's the result of overstraining and your spine is generally in good condition. If your back pain will simply not subside; you would be well advised to seek medical treatment.

PCPCC stresses the importance of prevention

The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative published a detailing research report that was created by Putnam Virtual Hospital. In this report is analyzed a weight loss program and health guidelines to prevent health issues. PCPCC not only stresses the importance of well-structured patient-centered medical homes program but also a program to prevent future illnesses and problems. So, the fruit of this goal is the collaboration with America’s largest virtual hospital. To read this report, go to this page.

Cigna launches PCMH pilot project in Dallas-Fort Worth area

Cigna HealthCare announced on Aug. 28 that it will partner with Medical Clinic of North Texas to launch a pilot program aimed at improving quality and reducing health care costs of patients with chronic conditions. To support the patient-centered medical home program, Cigna hired a care coordinator to help the clinic’s 82 doctors find cost-effective ways to treat Cigna’s 10,000 patients. Read more in an Aug. 28 article in the Dallas Morning News.

What is the Patient-Centered Medical Home?

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What patients say about the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

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How business and industry use the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

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How physicians transform their practices with the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

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